Don’t cross the line

January 17, 2010

Some people might know but I (Cyriel) is now traveling in New Zealand and Australia. I will irregularly write some things on this blog to give some examples of the ‘succes’-elements that I see on the road. Here is already a first one from my stopover in Singapore. I think this picture is very concrete and simple ūüėČ Even if you didn’t understand¬† any of the languages, the picture makes clear what will happen if you cross the line.

restricted area


Writing a strong mission statement

November 25, 2009

Nice video from Dan Heath about a good mission statement. Stick to the essence and make it concrete instead of using vague, meaningless words.

SUCCESs starts with simplicity

September 21, 2009
6 days ago I made a presentation on simplicity in a contagious communication.

Much to my surprise it got watched 186 times in 6 days.

I got a couple of questions to add some concrete tools.

I made some adjustements and uploaded it again.

SUCCESs in contagious communication : Simplicity
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Busting the Mehrabian Myth

September 6, 2009

This urban legend is told by a lot of trainers and consultants. Mehrabian is a professor who is best known for his research on verbal and non-verbal communication. One of his findings is that tone of voice and body language are also important next to his words. In certain situations (communication about feelings and attitude), the influence of the communication is based on 7% words; 38% tone of voice and 55% body language.

This “7%-38%-55% Rule” has been overly interpreted in such a way, that some people claim that in any communication situation, the meaning of a message was being transported mostly by non-verbal cues, not by the meaning of words. And that’s not true. This is a nice example of an urban legend that is still being spread because some principles are very strong: simple (voice and body language are very important); unexpected (words count only for 7%) and credible (because the source is a professor).

Some people have already started a campaign to stop the Mehrabian myth. This movie explains it very well.

How to use COMMON knowledge in a presentation

August 24, 2009

I’m a great admirer of Garr Reynolds. ¬†You will like his approach on presentations. It’s fun, humorous, creative and above all effective. ¬†You can always learn new tips and tricks from a presentation by Garr. ¬†His presentation on Simplicity is a splendid example.

A key to make your presentation contagious is tailoring it to The Audience.  Garr is a Sensei in tailoring.

When you watch the video you will notice he tailored his presentation for the venue. ¬†Most people in the venue should have seen the picture of Frank (Old blue eyes) in the main hall. ¬† Garr makes the picture of Frank a part of the message. It underlines the key message : “Take out the superficial to make something simple”.

Another way Garr uses to tailor his message is taking images that ‘everybody in audience’ knows. ¬†As this is a ‘geeky’ audience he uses images and characters from Star Wars. ¬† These are concepts that his audience ¬†knows. ¬†Garr is linking common knowledge to the message he gives. ¬† Associative linking makes it easier to reconstruct the message. So in this way you make it easy for your audience to succesfully retell your message.