Don’t cross the line

January 17, 2010

Some people might know but I (Cyriel) is now traveling in New Zealand and Australia. I will irregularly write some things on this blog to give some examples of the ‘succes’-elements that I see on the road. Here is already a first one from my stopover in Singapore. I think this picture is very concrete and simple ūüėČ Even if you didn’t understand¬† any of the languages, the picture makes clear what will happen if you cross the line.

restricted area


Gap the Mind with humor and curiosity

September 30, 2009

Two adds which use the same tool to grab our attention and to keep it till the end of the message.

Which add is more effective? More effective in getting the message across?

The first one ?

Or the other one?

In my mind the Pepsi is more effective. Both the adds use humor and curiosity. Curiosity is a powerfull tool in keeping our attention. It creates open loops in your mind. Open loops which you want to close.
The Pepsi add uses humor to reinforce the message and it closes the loop in your mind with an image that underlines the message.

Make sandwiches very visual and create curiosity

September 16, 2009

niet-zonder-vorkThis is a picture I got from Richard.  Richard is at least a half day a week on the streets making pictures.  You can find every day a picture by him on his site.

You can’t eat our sandwiches without a fork.

What mental images do you get by reading this? ¬†A huge plate with vegetables and other things? ¬†It’s very hard not to imagine something when you read this sign. ¬† At the same time it makes you as a reader curious. ¬†It creates an open hole in your knowledge. ¬† The good thing is that you can close that hole on the spot. ¬†Our brain is wired to fill these holes. ¬† Walk in and find out….

It combines concreteness, credibility and a bit of surprise.