A Spoonful of Sparkles ( A SOS)

a Spoonful of Sparkles is a project from Johan D’Haeseleer and Cyriel Kortleven. They live in Belgium and have their own companies.

Cyriel Kortleven is an enthusiastic, driven crew-member of new shoes today – a growing number of soulmates in business who give support to people and organizations on their road to creation, innovation and change. Cyriel’s passion is moving people to become more conscious of new opportunities in their professional and personal life. Cyriel works as a creative facilitator and speaker in the domain of creativity and innovation.

Johan calls himself a leverageseeker. Since his grandfather showed him when he was 5 years old how to change a tire with a lever, he’s looking for all kinds of levers. Johan is passionate about common sense and finding the shortest way in a process. He is very enthusiastic about mindmapping, paradigms, Getting Things Done, Simplicity and of course Made to Stick.


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