Humans are hard-wired for stories

Last friday I gave a talk about worksimplification.   We talked what it is and how it is done.
The second part was about why we could do worksimplification.

I had seen Michael video (link below) a couple of days before and I took the experiment to tell some stories about competition. I used the story of the bear.  (Thanks Raf for pointing that one out).
I worked out extremely well.  Got great feedback on the storytelling piece.

One of the participants told me, you painted the picture about the two guys been chased by the bear in my head.  I will not forget it when I think about competition.

If a story is used well it get people into action and it will be more than entertainment. The story can be a catalist for action.

I think that Michael has a point that humans are hard-wired for storytelling.

Humans are hard-wired for storytelling from Michael Margolis on Vimeo.


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