Don’t cross the line

January 17, 2010

Some people might know but I (Cyriel) is now traveling in New Zealand and Australia. I will irregularly write some things on this blog to give some examples of the ‘succes’-elements that I see on the road. Here is already a first one from my stopover in Singapore. I think this picture is very concrete and simple ūüėČ Even if you didn’t understand¬† any of the languages, the picture makes clear what will happen if you cross the line.

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Anchor and twist

November 27, 2009

Another very good video from Dan Heath about making an anchor + twist.

This method really works well to make a message more concrete. Dan gives the example of linking your product/service/company/ … to a well-known competitor that’s in the same business domain. That is the anchor. It’s also important to add a twist that shows in what way you are different (cheaper, faster, different service, …).

Eg: twitter is a form of mini-blogging (blogging is the anchor and mini is the twist)

Writing a strong mission statement

November 25, 2009

Nice video from Dan Heath about a good mission statement. Stick to the essence and make it concrete instead of using vague, meaningless words.

Humans are hard-wired for stories

November 22, 2009

Last friday I gave a talk about worksimplification.   We talked what it is and how it is done.
The second part was about why we could do worksimplification.

I had seen Michael video (link below) a couple of days before and I took the experiment to tell some stories about competition. I used the story of the bear.  (Thanks Raf for pointing that one out).
I worked out extremely well.  Got great feedback on the storytelling piece.

One of the participants told me, you painted the picture about the two guys been chased by the bear in my head.  I will not forget it when I think about competition.

If a story is used well it get people into action and it will be more than entertainment. The story can be a catalist for action.

I think that Michael has a point that humans are hard-wired for storytelling.

Humans are hard-wired for storytelling from Michael Margolis on Vimeo.

Look for the right story

November 16, 2009

People think in stories, talk in stories, communicate in stories, even dream in stories Stephen Denning

Stephen is an expert on organisational storytelling and compilled in ‘The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling’ a storytelling catalog.The leader's guide

His 8 different narative patterns :

  • Sparkling Action = springboard story
  • Communicating who you are
  • Communicating who the Company is – Branding
  • Transmitting Values
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Taming the Grapevine
  • Sharing Knowledge
  • Leading People into the Future

Depending on your successful result you need to choose a different pattern to look for your much needed story.

As an example :  when you need people to take action, start looking for stories that have these elements :

  • Change idea = crystal clear
  • A true story
  • A single protagonist who is typical for the audience
  • Date and place
  • Positive tone
  • Linked to the purpose to be achieved telling

Look how Obama is mastering the springboard story technique

a Spoonful of Sparkles at ECCI-conference

November 8, 2009

From October 27 – 30, the European Conference on Creativity and Innovation took place in Brussels. The main theme of this year was ‘Make it happen’ so Johan and Cyriel had to be there and give a workshop around making messages contagious. We gave a nice workshop for 15 participants and showed them the ‘a Spoonful of Sparkles’ process. It was very interactive because after a small introduction, the participants could work on their own story to make it more sticky. We got some good reactions and feedback and are looking forward for our next workshops.

And Johan achieved his challenge to be on stage before 250 people and explain the 6 principles of the ‘Succes’-story. And Cyriel was one of the hosts of the conference. More info about the conference?


Power of Stories

October 14, 2009

A good story helps your audience to put off their analytical head.

Nice video about the power of stories.